Club Information

Due to Covid-19 the 7 the Season of LTB is questionable.

District 7 is not renting out any space at this time. We will keep you informed.

Little Tigers Basketball is a developmental basketball organization. We are preparing for our 7th year.

Ages 5 – 12.  K thru 6th grade – Both boys and girls & 7th grade girls

We host a league here in Edwardsville on 11 separate Saturdays each year.  We have teams from the local area who participate in the league as well as our teams.

  • Ages 5,6 –  play on a 7.5 foot rim
  • Ages 7  – play on a 8.5 foot rim
  • Ages 8 and up play on a 10 foot rim

Ball size

  • Ages 5, 6  play with a 27.5 inch ball
  • Age  7 play with a 28.5 inch ball
  • All girls play with a 28.5 inch ball
  • Boys ages 8,9,10 & 11 play with a 28.5 inch ball
  • 6th grade boys play with a 29.5 inch ball

We focus on the fundamentals of hoops.  We are not a select or AAU club. If parents want to bring a select team to the league you will play up one grade level.

We have paid varsity high school players from EHS assist in training throughout the year.  Jack Marinko will be training each week this coming season. Jack Marinko graduated in 2018 and averaged 26 points a game his senior year at Edwardsville High School.   That was the 2nd most per game average in the history of Edwardsville.  Only Ricardo Brown averaged more (26.2 per game) and he was drafted in the 1979 NBA Draft.  He graduated from EHS in 1975.

Many parents worry too much about games and not fundamentals of the game.  It is more important to have a solid base of fundamentals in order to be a complete player and to have a chance to play junior high and high school ball.

Any questions call Mark Warning at 618-558-6505.